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About Parametric Imaging

Parametric Imaging is a system and software engineering company providing full lifecycle consulting and design services, and technology for distributed collaborating real-time net-ready sensors, devices, algorithms, and architectures, and high performance embedded signal and image processing systems.

We are a small, majority women-owned company registered with CCR and a member the IEEE Consultants Network.

Karen Lauro, President

Dr. Lauro has twenty-five years experience as a technical leader responsible for introduction of new technology from concept to product implementation. She is a theoretician/practitioner with strong hands on orientation, and has a broad range of contributions encompassing technology development, new business development, and strategic planning.

Prior to founding Parametric Imaging, Dr. Lauro was an Engineering Fellow at Raytheon, where she led 60 people at 11 locations in 3 companies to develop of proof-of-concept JC2BMC Netting Architecture with distributed services in MHT/IMM information fusion, engagement planning, resource decision-making, and real-time DDS/HLA framework for Integrated Air Cruise and Ballistic Missile Defense and Homeland Defense. While at Lockheed Martin, Dr Lauro served as the Technical Director for their Joint Track Management and Tactical Communication product lines. She has also served as the Chief Architect for Joint Air Missile Defense Organization (JTAMDO).

Dr. Lauro has been an active participant in commercial and military standards organizations (OMG Real-Time Analysis and Design Work Group, Model Driven Architecture, DoDAF 2, and DARPA/JTA). She has researched and developed state-of-the-art digital acquisition hardware, image/data processing, analysis, visualization, archiving, and modeling techniques, and holds 6 patents for this work, 5 royalty bearing.

The National Science Foundation selected Dr Lauro as a Fellow who targeted the High Performance Computation and Communication Program. She also is a past National Institute of Health Fellow, and her projects have received 3 societal awards. She holds a
multi-discipline Ph.D. in Electrical and Computer Engineering from Case Western Reserve University.