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Parametric Imaging maintains a commitment to providing in depth knowledge and guaranteed service to our clients to help you develop cost-effective solutions in highly technical complex imaging and distributed sensor to effector domains.

Technology consulting and system development services:
  • Distributed signal/image processing
  • Machine vision and learning
  • Multi-source information fusion
  • Feature extraction
  • Real-time planning and control
Training services:
  • Model-Driven-Architecture
  • Service-Oriented Architecture
  • Key real-time and system engineering UML profiles:
    • Scheduling, Performance, and Time (RT support)
    • Testing
    • QoS and Fault Tolerance
    • SysML
    • DoDAF 2
  • Netting technology middleware
    • DoD Real-time Net-Centric - Data Distribution Service (DDS)
    • Grid Computing - Message Passing Interface (MPI)
    • Homeland Security SensorNet - SensorML


Parametric Imaging addresses the embedded high performance system development greatest challenges

  • Incomplete knowledge transfer between specialists and experts from multiple fields
  • Disjoint development; little executable code is delivered prior to last stages, yet only executable things can be tested
  • Support for complex topologies
    • Auto-configuration
    • Auto-mapping
  • Auto-code generation for error prone structural code
  • High level performance optimization
  • Determinism
  • Control validation
  • Distributed algorithm debugging
  • Distributed data visualization

Complexity is managed by:

  •  Developing the right architectural structure, frequently model-based. Model Driven Architecture system engineering processes uses related models to provide continuity in system development, and supports standards-based autocode generation mechanism, and early model-based test.
  • The most appropriate open frameworks with sophisticated abstractions to simplify the domain space and decrease time to deployment, are then selected.
  • Object-oriented design is used to capitalize on the stability due to the fact that as a system evolves, function tend to change, but objects remain the unchanged.
  • Service-Oriented Architecture methodology can be used to compose the objects into loosely-coupled message-passing services that are bound at run-time.

We combine the above approach with strong knowledge of the open frameworks’ underlying assumptions and abstractions, so that the frameworks can be extended for aspects of your domain that the frameworks were not designed to address. Performance, scalability, testability, and security, are typical examples of critical quality of service that require extensions.

Parametric Imaging ultimate goal is to enable your team to experience continued success with dealing with complexity. We work with your team to discover or refine your requirements and to develop operational/domain and system models. We'll optimize your design structure to maximize the power of your platforms and technologies. We'll also leave you with the knowledge you'll need to use complexity reducing and performance optimization approaches. In the process, your team learns while working on their own project.